University programming

University programming

Western is excited to offer host institution programming under the rubric of a Festival of Public Scholarship in our disciplines, to be referred to as “the Festival”. The Festival will bring together Western’s academic and cultural events, offering engaging multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programming to showcase a wide range of our university's scholarship and creative activity. Recognizing the importance of bridging divides not only between disciplines but also between the academy and society beyond the university's gates, the Festival will feature events and exhibitions on a variety of topics with a focus on communicating humanities and social sciences scholarship not only to Congress delegates, but also to the general public.

The following elements of Festival programming are currently being planned, with more to be announced in the coming weeks:

•  A land acknowledgement walk

•  Talks and panel discussions on Indigenous issues and on anti-Black racism

•  A curated multimedia public scholarship exhibit

•  Concerts

•  Theatre performances

•  And more!