Canadian Society of Biblical Studies

Association #6
Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS)
Conference dates: 
Saturday, May 30, 2020 to Monday, June 1, 2020
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Registration is required for all conference attendees, including speakers, presenters, panelists, organizers and those chairing or attending a session.
The Canadian Society of Biblical Studies provides a meeting place for those interested in all aspects of the academic study of the Bible (Hebrew Bible, Septuagint, New Testament) in its literary and historical context. The 2019 annual meeting will include two seminars: the Seminar on Early Christianity, Early Judaism, and the Study of Religion and the Seminar on Emotion and Affect in Mediterranean Antiquity. It will also include a special session on Biblical Languages and Linguistics.
Call-for-papers deadline: 
January 15, 2020
President's Reception: 
May 31, 2020
Program Chairs: 
Agnes Choi, Pacific Lutheran University
Local Arrangement Coordinators: 
Daniel Smith, Huron College, Western University

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